Party Girl Tattoo

I met a French girl named Maty this summer.  Speaking French with her swept me away to a part of myself that’s rarely tapped anymore, that is a world traveller and independent woman.  We loved chatting and vowed to go out together to something “French”.

Five months later I got an invite to French Tuesdays.  (I love how that name is awkward yet chic!) I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Even my husband, who had bronchitis agreed to let me leave the house against my children’s pleas to “Stay home, Mom.”

Sometimes when you muster up the chutzpah to step out… it’s lame.  But this time it wasn’t!  Maty spotted me straight away and was as shocked as she was happy to see me.  She introduced me to friends and swept me over to the red carpet.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.10.33 AM

The event was “Giving Tuesday” held at Riviera 31 Lounge and the Mayor of West Hollywood was one of the honored guests.


The theme was “The 21st Century of Philanthropy.”  I say, “bring it on!” and they did with full toe ballerinas turned strippers.  You know The Dog loves that!

P1060300 P1060310

Maty pulled me up on the stage and we got our dance on like good time girls do and, of course, I loved every minute of it.  When I stepped off the podium I met another new French acquaintance.  Even though I introduced myself as a mother of two who rarely leaves the house he laughed and said, “You’re a party girl.  It’s tattooed on your forehead.”


As responsible and loving of a parent I attempt to be, I think that’s what Mama Pdog is about.  I’m a party girl, and the good thing about being fully grown up is now… I can OWN it!



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