America’s Got Talent and Mama’s Got A Job


YO!! The DOG got called in by the casting directors of America’s Got Talent for an audition with the producers!!!

I gotta have my full game on for that!

First stop… dance coach.  Longtime hip hop master, Lisa Kellogg, hooked me up with some steps and some insider information.  She was on the show herself once! This girl is a multi-talent.  Not only can she dance, she can keep the beat rockin as a DJ for private events.  But my favorite skill of hers is the “first dance” choreography.  If you know anybody who is getting married, you’ve gotta check out the videos of what she can do for the bride and groom. Forget awkward side stepping and bring on the funk!


I couldn’t have done the audition without all my girls.  The usual suspects I count on for hair, make up, wardrobe and support.  The best thing is to spend time with trusted friends away from the chaos at home.  I’m so lucky to have that.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt your ego any when you run your 90 second audition piece by your select audience and they’re all cracking up!


I wish I had somewhere else to go after my audition so I could get more out of my blow dry and glam look.  But alas… it’s back to the cribola.

When I got there the kids were hungry and tired and whiney and wanted stuff.  They got in arguments and tore the house apart.


I got that shot in before Elle tore me apart as well.


“Why aren’t you making our dinner now, Mom?”

Forget the studio, you’ll be gettin back in the kitchen Mama Pdog.



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