Party Girl Tattoo

I met a French girl named Maty this summer.  Speaking French with her swept me away to a part of myself that’s rarely tapped anymore, that is a world traveller and independent woman.  We loved chatting and vowed to go out together to something “French”.

Five months later I got an invite to French Tuesdays.  (I love how that name is awkward yet chic!) I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Even my husband, who had bronchitis agreed to let me leave the house against my children’s pleas to “Stay home, Mom.”

Sometimes when you muster up the chutzpah to step out… it’s lame.  But this time it wasn’t!  Maty spotted me straight away and was as shocked as she was happy to see me.  She introduced me to friends and swept me over to the red carpet.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.10.33 AM

The event was “Giving Tuesday” held at Riviera 31 Lounge and the Mayor of West Hollywood was one of the honored guests.


The theme was “The 21st Century of Philanthropy.”  I say, “bring it on!” and they did with full toe ballerinas turned strippers.  You know The Dog loves that!

P1060300 P1060310

Maty pulled me up on the stage and we got our dance on like good time girls do and, of course, I loved every minute of it.  When I stepped off the podium I met another new French acquaintance.  Even though I introduced myself as a mother of two who rarely leaves the house he laughed and said, “You’re a party girl.  It’s tattooed on your forehead.”


As responsible and loving of a parent I attempt to be, I think that’s what Mama Pdog is about.  I’m a party girl, and the good thing about being fully grown up is now… I can OWN it!



Sometimes I gotta give in to reality… it’s not that I never leave the house to do anything fun.  I leave the house every day.  It’s just the kids are usually with me.

Friday night is no different.  I wanna change it up and do something different and the little ones need their Friday night too.  So why not rock it out together?  Live jazz at The Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art is the perfect place for the whole family and all your friends to spend a summer evening.  It’s free.  Alcohol is allowed… and so are scooters.  Woot! Woot! Smiles all around.ImageImageImageImage



Recording Studios, Palm Springs… These Are A Few of My Favorite Things


Should I feel bad that I’ve broken my New Year’s resolution?

Jan 1 I vowed to get outta the house (without the kids) at lease once a week to do something fun (and blog about it). I came out swinging but winter set in and the kids got sick, then I went down, then something happened….A lot of something must have happened cuz my last post was in February and now it’s April.  Sheeeit!  Where you been PDog? What happened?

Well…. I got hooked up with a new producer…. and I’ve been writing new songs preparing for the release of an album…. and, oh I remember, I decided that writing songs was my priority for the top of the year.  Last week I hit the studio and laid down four new songs and guess what… the TRACKS ARE WICKED!!


Should I feel bad?  Technically, I WAS writing… 

Oh, and I did Palm Springs, with my man, first night EVER spent away from kids.  


Nah, I don’t feel bad. 

America’s Got Talent and Mama’s Got A Job


YO!! The DOG got called in by the casting directors of America’s Got Talent for an audition with the producers!!!

I gotta have my full game on for that!

First stop… dance coach.  Longtime hip hop master, Lisa Kellogg, hooked me up with some steps and some insider information.  She was on the show herself once! This girl is a multi-talent.  Not only can she dance, she can keep the beat rockin as a DJ for private events.  But my favorite skill of hers is the “first dance” choreography.  If you know anybody who is getting married, you’ve gotta check out the videos of what she can do for the bride and groom. Forget awkward side stepping and bring on the funk!


I couldn’t have done the audition without all my girls.  The usual suspects I count on for hair, make up, wardrobe and support.  The best thing is to spend time with trusted friends away from the chaos at home.  I’m so lucky to have that.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt your ego any when you run your 90 second audition piece by your select audience and they’re all cracking up!


I wish I had somewhere else to go after my audition so I could get more out of my blow dry and glam look.  But alas… it’s back to the cribola.

When I got there the kids were hungry and tired and whiney and wanted stuff.  They got in arguments and tore the house apart.


I got that shot in before Elle tore me apart as well.


“Why aren’t you making our dinner now, Mom?”

Forget the studio, you’ll be gettin back in the kitchen Mama Pdog.


Mom’s Night Out

Going out to a club to dance is a way different experience now then when I was in my 20s. I remember I used to party at home first, pump some music and rally up as a pre-game routine.

Here’s a shot of my pre-game warm up now.


It’s brutal thinking about leaving the house at 9pm (bedtime) in the cold, dark night to go somewhere all by myself and not know what I’m getting in to or if it will be worth it.


1. My friend and music collaborator Terron Sutton was there in full effect.  He was shocked to see me but will soon learn that when Mama Pdog says she’s turning up, you can count on it.

Terron at Central

2. The venue, Central Spac.  They poured such stiff drinks that for the first time in my life I had to ask the bartender to add more coke to my scotch.  That’s a huge compliment coming from The Dog.  Then I loved that when I stopped drinking and asked for water an hour before my drive home, they gave me a big icey cold one on the house. THAT is how it’s done.

3. Uh… the MUSIC.  Hells yeah 2013 is gonna be a good year when you start it off like that. Badman Brooks heated up the crowd like The Gas Company on Christmas.  Mama Pdog LOVES a LIVE ACT and Grand Life had me hollarin with hands up. Mad props to Random Citizens for having the good sense to bring in The Brians, Danny Para and Justin Credible.  Marvel The Gr8 stepped up and you should all check out his music videos.  Love Sippin’!

Grand Life

4.  I made new friends.  This is CC.


I saw CC smiling at me on the dance floor.  Later in the ladies room when we met she said, “When I saw you out there I told my friend ‘I love her.  She’s dancin!'”  That just made me happy cause I love to dance.  I’ll do it whether people are feelin me or not but I like it a whole lot better when we all get our swerve on together. Ladies, be like CC and support your local booty shakers.

5. MAMA Pdog STEPPED OUT. You knew it had to happen.  I dug for them in my bag while Franchel and Yana Marie (more new friends) waited in anticipation, “What’s she got in that purse!?”.  Voila!  The grills came out.  I even freestyled on the sidewalk while somebody beat boxed.  I didn’t even know I had it in me that night.  But you never know what could happen when…


MPD and Franchel

A Tasmanian Devil In My Hair

So, it’s Friday and I don’t eat lunch at work cause I’m saving my appetite for dinner.  Me and my man, Josh, have a babysitter booked and were goin out for shabu with friends. It’s been over six months we been trying to get out the door with this couple – they’re parents too so you know how that goes.. 

When I finally make it home through traffic, I open the door to find Josh amassing a pile of sofa covers and dirty towels in the middle of the living room floor.  

“Elle was sitting on top of me and said ‘my stomach hurts daddy’ then she throw up all over me and the sofa.  Lucius saw her throwing up and vomited.” 

The kids are in the bath and I wonder why Josh seems in a hurry to “sweep it under the carpet”.  It’s because he still thinks we can go out to dinner.  I have to break it to him – you can’t leave the kids with a babysitter when they’re sick and puking on everything.  He’s pissed. 

Later that night Elle throws up in her bed and then after in ours. By 10pm the sickness is taking over Josh too and he goes down loud and hard.

By Saturday all three of them need mommy but there’s nowhere to sit because everything has upchuck on it.  I start doing laundry at 6am and do ten loads that day. This is the pile that’s left to do on Sunday.



The only thing that keeps me going all weekend is the thought that I’m booked in to see my friend and hairdresser Jaason on Sunday at 3pm.  Josh takes the kids to get some “sea air” in Malibu and I’m outta there.

Here’s Jaason. 


Boy, am I happy to see him.

I tell Jaason to take some pictures of my hair so we can have some before and after shots for my blog.

“Glad to.” He says.

I sit in the chair.  I’m finally off duty but I’m still spinning like a Maytag.  Jaason says something very rational.

“What are we doing?”

“With what?”

“Your hair!?”

 “Oh, well, I like what you did last time.  I think this cut is good.  I mean, I can handle it.”

 “That’s good. I’m glad you’ve got a handle on it! Look at the picture. Just look at it!”


 Jaason suggested maybe I should see him more than a couple times a year.

 Oh, and here’s my “after” shot.


 Mama P-Dog is STEPPIN OUT!